It's Monday Morning And I Need Coffee To Function

It's Monday morning - the morning that always holds the most possibility for me. And, it's a particularly sweet Monday because it is 7:22am and my kids are still sleeping.

 I know -- the moms out there just had a chill. Like DONT SAY IT AND TEMPT FATE!

But I did, and I shit you not - the toddler just started making noise. Crap. 

I'm going to cross my fingers and persist...because I found myself with a moment of choice this morning. I wanted to make coffee (crap. now the baby is up too.)


(pausing to put a show on because the toddler is officially out of bed and asking to choose, and tbh Netflix is my co-parent) 

It's worth noting that what should have been a two second job - turning on a show - became problematic because our Netflix account signed out.  That is a pain in the butt because the interface of the remote and tv thing we have (I'm so tech savvy) sucks. You have to use four directions - up, down, left, right - and choose each character individually. With case-sensitive passwords and stuff IT IS INFURIATING AND TAKES FOREVER.

Don't worry - he decided he's hungry first. Starving, in fact. So I got him a snack. And now we are logged in and he's finally chosen a show...a painful process, as the parent of any almost 4yo can attest. 

Also, baby is definitely awake. And pooped. BRB. 


That was awful. Anyway. Both kids are watching Nanny Netflix with the same snack (an important fact for peace with siblings) and I think I bought myself a minute to finish my thought.  ..or at least continue it.

It's worth mentioning that my baby (almost 2) routinely wakes up between 5:30 and 6:00. Sleeping until later than 7:00 is pretty much unprecedented. I'd been moving around in ninja mode to avoid waking him, because obviously I couldn't sleep in even though he did. Luckily, I was in bed before 9:30 last night (I adulted SO hard) so waking up at 6:30 to a quiet house was a dream.

But 45 minutes into the quiet, I also really wanted coffee, and that requires using a grinder to crush the life-giving essence from those beautifully caffiene-rich beans. A noisy grinder. 

I gave myself a moment of pause to weigh my options. Coffee vs Quiet? Then I considered a third that disrupted my routine of coffee first.

What if I write? 

I've been off social media for a week or so for a whole host of reasons I'll get into another day. But I still want to write and publish. Those actions matter most. 

So instead of making noise (and coffee) I committed to writing first.   And now I get to head into my week having done the most important work first -- even before coffee -- I wrote, and I published.

It is 7:51 am. 

Also. My coffee is ready now. 


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