Strategy & Support for Creative Business Owners

who are stressed out and need some space to breathe. and sleep. and maybe wine.


You're probably here because you're feeling a bit overwhelmed by running a business. When you first got started, it made sense to wear all the hats because you could only (barely) pay for one head.

But now it's time to grow.  

While I'm making guesses about what you're thinking, I'd bet you were asking a friend who'd she recommend you hire, and she sent you my way.

(Your friend is a smart cookie.)


I'm Justine

and I help creatives manage the
of running a solo business
and stay focused on the deep
work that will make more money


Develop better habits (that stick)

Kick distraction to the curb (for good)

Focus on work that matters (to YOU)


business strategy

Get laser-focused on your goal,
make a plan, and make it happen. 


There's more than one way to measure ROI. Wellness matters.

thought partnership

Running a solo business doesn't have to be lonely. Pick my brain.


Get shit done + feel great doing it.


Crush your business goals

(in a healthy, sustainable and boundaried way)