Stop sweating the small stuff.

Start doing the big stuff.



Running your solo business is about to get a lot easier.


If your ideal day is starting to feel like a pipe dream, your boundaries are non-existant, and you're working waaaay more evenings and weekends than you'd pegged on your vision board...

it's time to get help with your business.

You want SOMEONE:

  • Who takes your business seriously, and you can trust implicitly.
  • Strategic, who is will work alongside you to make your business run smarter. 

so you, my creative friend, can work efficiently and build a business that supports you instead of stressing you out. 



Work strategically and intentionally

Stop doing all the things

Stay focused on the work that matters. 


Thanks to my years as a: 

  • massage therapist (7) 

  • mom (3),

  • business strategist (5), and

  • all around nerd (30+)


I'm an expert at problem-solving
and coaching entrepreneurs to
roll with the punches while strategically managing the
growing pains of business. 


As a massage therapist, I helped my patients manage stress and create sustainable self care practices and habits that actually stick. And now, to the delight of stressed out creatives everywhere...

my love for self-care, entrepreneurship, and problem solving has come together to help you

gain control of your schedule
and prioritize Y-O-U for a change

Healthy Business Strategy + Resource Management


Because the success of your business should
never come at the cost of your sanity.



A bit about Justine Sones

(It's pronounced like "Jones")


  •  I live on the beautiful West Coast of Canada with my husband, two boys, and our very big dog
  •  I cannot live without dark roast coffee, nachos, and craft beer. The hoppier, the better
  • I love to read. my favourite genre is historical fiction, followed closely by personal development
  • My nickname is 'Granny De Boer' because I am notorious for falling asleep on the couch when we have friends over
  • My favourite ways to sweat are on a bike, trekking up a mountain, playing volleyball, or laying on the beach

The best part about working for yourself is that you get to be in control of how your time is spent.

The worst part about working for yourself is that you have to be in control of how your time is spent.

Stop letting indecision + distraction call the shots.


(you'll wonder why it took you so long)