It's Monday Again! Funny how that happens.

I am going to start this post with a major brag/celebration. A bold move for a Monday morning, I know, but let's do it. 

It is currently 7:15am and I have daycare lunches packed and ready to go, the kitchen is not in a state unfit for the general population, and the kids are having an actual food breakfast. Oh, and I have coffee. All of the winning.

To those with the untrained eye and ear, that just sounds like providing the basics of parenting - alive and fed.

But. Getting out the door in the morning with kids is like facing a walk across an expansive field... that's full of barbed wire.

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It's Monday Morning And I Need Coffee To Function

It's Monday morning - the morning that always holds the most possibility for me. And, it's a particularly sweet Monday because it is 7:22am and my kids are still sleeping.

 I know -- the moms out there just had a chill. Like DONT SAY IT AND TEMPT FATE!

But I did, and I shit you not - the toddler just started making noise. Crap. 

I'm going to cross my fingers and persist...because I found myself with a moment of choice this morning. I wanted to make coffee (crap. now the baby is up too.)


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I'm all about making things easier to do

One of the biggest takeaways I've gotten from working + momming is that if I can do it from my phone, I can do anything.

It reduces friction in the process, which makes things easier to do. Theoretically.

I've discovered that Squarespace has a blogging app. I'm so excited. I no longer have to lug my computer around to blog, and it means that I can write around babies.


Of course it means you (reader, whoever you are) will be subject to much more verbal vomit.

I hope you're excited too.

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Another Thursday, Another Shitty Blog Post: Chatting On The Phone And At The Bar

Have I mentioned that Thursday is really one of my favourite days? They said that anticipating something is half of the job, and I really love looking forward to the weekend. Friday used to be my favourite day of all because what holds more promise than the idea of everything you’re going to do that weekend?!

So as if the anticipation of the weekend on a Friday wasn’t enough (#TGIF), I dubbed Thursday as my favourite day of the week; it is, after all, Friday’s Friday.

Today, on the eve of the weekend’s eve, I have had conversations with two very different women who are on two very different sides of the mothering spectrum. One is my kick-ass-client who just had a baby girl a couple weeks ago, and the other was a 55yr old single mom of two teenage girls.

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Here I am again! Another day, another shitty blog post.

It’s very freeing to write with the expectation that nobody is reading this. Remember the early days of blogging? Like the LiveJournal days when sharing had nothing to do with strategy and everything to do with channeling teenage angst?

Sigh. Those were The Days.


It’s Friday afternoon at 4:16. I am sitting at my favourite local pub, mostly because my favourite all-around-beer is very cheap here. Highly motivating.

I went to therapy today - fun fact. I’ve been very resistant to therapy for years, and still find myself resistant to it now.

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Taking Advantage of Tiny Brave Moments: This Week in My Business

Oh my lanta. I wanted to write this big long blog about what I’ve been up to, and my computer only has 7% battery. I have my charger, it’s plugged in, AND IT’S NOT WORKING.

I won’t lie - I’m panicking a bit. I’m also committed to posting on the blog. So here we go.

This week, I took advantage of a couple of brave moments, and put myself out there. In ways that felt terrifying and and brave and all of the things. It involved sending one email, and one Instagram message. (AH THE LOW BATTERY NOTIFICATION SHOWED UP)

The things I did: I made a pitch to a podcast I’ve been listening to, and I contacted someone I came across who does the exact same thing as me, except (cue imposter syndrome) — she is much more polished than I am…I am almost always flying by the seat of my pants.

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