I'm all about making things easier to do

One of the biggest takeaways I've gotten from working + momming is that if I can do it from my phone, I can do anything.

It reduces friction in the process, which makes things easier to do. Theoretically.

I've discovered that Squarespace has a blogging app. I'm so excited. I no longer have to lug my computer around to blog, and it means that I can write around babies.


Of course it means you (reader, whoever you are) will be subject to much more verbal vomit.

I hope you're excited too.

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Justine SonesComment
I'm really tired of "supposed to"

I've been avoiding using the internet for work lately, unless it's an absolute necessity - like responding to important emails, writing up new contracts...and that's about it. things like social media, writing, slack groups...I just kind of stopped.

at first, I felt guilty - I suck at sending regular emails at the best of times, and I haven't even been pretending to make an effort to write anything.

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Justine Sones