I'm really tired of "supposed to"

I've been avoiding using the internet for work lately, unless it's an absolute necessity - like responding to important emails, writing up new contracts...and that's about it. things like social media, writing, slack groups...I just kind of stopped.

at first, I felt guilty - I suck at sending regular emails at the best of times, and I haven't even been pretending to make an effort to write anything.

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Justine Sones
emotional hangovers

I just got back from a little work-cation with a dear fri-ent of mine.

(see what I did there? heh)

the weekend was absolutely wonderful - it was good to talk a bunch of work things through while enjoying great food, games, and wine.

the place we stayed in was right on the water with a glorious view of the mountains...it was pretty much my vision board brought to life.

I would take breaks walking on the beach, soak up the view, and bask in all the feelings. I felt expansive, rooted, and free all at once...it was exactly what my soul needed.

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let's talk about overwhelm (and what to do about it)

I know better. I know that I know better. 

it is my job to help people deal with overwhelm and break seemingly huge projects into manageable steps so that their dreams become a reality. I help creatives and small business bosses find focus, simplify the work, and occasionally talk them off a ledge. 

today, I'm on that ledge.

I have 15 tabs open on my browser. actually. there's google drive, google docs, articles I want to check out, email, client work, course work...between the to-dos and the want-to-dos, it's easy for the tab situation to get a little out of hand.

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when your niche doesn't work for you

when I started this whole online business thing a few years ago, I remember people I looked up to saying that building a business takes time - there is no shortcut. you just have to do the work, put in the time, and constantly adjust. that's how you find your zone.

so I was like "great - so I'll learn and work at this for what - a year? year and a half? and then I'll have a solid footing to take off from and it will be smooth sailing."


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