emotional hangovers

I just got back from a little work-cation with a dear fri-ent of mine.

(see what I did there? heh)

the weekend was absolutely wonderful - it was good to talk a bunch of work things through while enjoying great food, games, and wine.

the place we stayed in was right on the water with a glorious view of the mountains...it was pretty much my vision board brought to life.

I would take breaks walking on the beach, soak up the view, and bask in all the feelings. I felt expansive, rooted, and free all at once...it was exactly what my soul needed.

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let's talk about overwhelm (and what to do about it)

I know better. I know that I know better. 

it is my job to help people deal with overwhelm and break seemingly huge projects into manageable steps so that their dreams become a reality. I help creatives and small business bosses find focus, simplify the work, and occasionally talk them off a ledge. 

today, I'm on that ledge.

I have 15 tabs open on my browser. actually. there's google drive, google docs, articles I want to check out, email, client work, course work...between the to-dos and the want-to-dos, it's easy for the tab situation to get a little out of hand.

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when your niche doesn't work for you

when I started this whole online business thing a few years ago, I remember people I looked up to saying that building a business takes time - there is no shortcut. you just have to do the work, put in the time, and constantly adjust. that's how you find your zone.

so I was like "great - so I'll learn and work at this for what - a year? year and a half? and then I'll have a solid footing to take off from and it will be smooth sailing."


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building your business - the first step

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome when you’re working on your business is knowing where to start. From social media strategy, to building a website, to creating a marketing strategy…it can be overwhelming at the best of times. The truth is that the first (and most important!) step to building your successful business starts before any of that.


When I started working as a massage therapist, I thought there was only one way to be successful - I had to be booked all day, every day, in advance. The sign of a successful practice was that nobody could get an appointment with me for at least a month. Sound familiar?

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